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Okay, here is how it's going to work. After lots of thought and time and talking to many people. It has come to my attention that a draft will be the best way to start and stimulate this game mod a little more. Starting off small and work out way up to a potential ladder or league what have you. For right now and the player base we have, which on some nights seems to be quite alot, isnt enough.

So if you want to play, sign up individually here, stating your in game name or simply saying I'm in! After about a week and a half of signups and spreading the word, teams will be picked, with the help of people who know the skill and player base well. (or we could do random picking if that something you people would like to try.) If not picked at random teams will be made as fair as possible so that all players have a fun and fair experience. Know that your participation will only help us get to 4v4's and so on until better things! **Let it be known that signups are going to be completely unbiased. EVERYONE can sign up, as long as the rules are followed and you behave yourselves all will be good.

Also note that if you haven't played Ra2 in a while or at all even, that every Tuesday and Saturday night, and if you ask on IRC most nights some games will get going. But for certian games Tuesdays and Saturday nights @ 11:30PM EST games get pretty big and crazy, so join in, learn the mod, or simply brush up on your skills!

Signups are now open!

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About This Mod

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Rocket Arena 2 is a team based game in which each player spawns randomly around an arena styled map. Each player spawns with 100 health and 100 armour. Once the countdown finishes you are to use whichever weapon you want to eliminate the enemy team.

The winning team gets awarded one point for each round won. Player scores are added up by every 100 damage you do.

You should also note that any self explosions from a weapon will take off your armour but not your health, and fall damage is a thing, so watch your health before you leap!

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